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How to use spices


All herbs and spices give great flavor to foods. How can we preserve the full flavor and aroma and what spices should we use with which sauce?

Are there any secrets for spice maintenance?

Spices are quite resistant to the passage of time, however if you do not preserve them correctly they lose their flavor and aroma. As we advise, to keep their aroma, place them in glass jars airtight and keep them in an environment away from sunlight and moisture.

When is it better to add spices while cooking? In the beginning or the end?

In foods that need a long time to be cooked it is better to add it half an hour or less before serving. If spices are cooked for a long time they may give too heavy aroma in the food. Certainly it always depends on the recipe.

Which spices give more intense flavor?

Powdered spices are clearly more intense and rich flavor than in their original form. Of course, this is purely a matter of taste!

The more spices we use the more delicious is the result?

It is advisable not to use more than 3 spices in each recipe unless it's some pretty special recipe. The combination of several spices can make eating heavy or spicy enough and create indigestion.

Are there suitable spices for any sauce?

For better red sauces we advise you to use a blend of pepper, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and sweet or smoked paprika.

There is also the option of a ready red mix that we have created with our secret combination of spices.

For sweet 'n' sour sauce spice in our opinion is sumac.

Very nice idea also for a diet sauce is mustard powder mixed with a little black pepper and oil, garlic or onion powder.

Our opinion is that people's taste differ and in cooking what mainly matters is the IMAGINATION that's why there are infinite and can satisfy any taste.


Interview of herbal treasures store manager in womenonly.gr.